Celebrate Sweater Weather With Our Trendy Boutique Clothing Store

October 30, 2018

If you are anything like us here at Cloz to Home, you get a little excited when the weather begins to cool off. Sure, it is a telltale sign that summer is over, but it also means that the half of your wardrobe that you couldn't wear during the summer is now wearable. And of course, by that we mean sweaters.

You might be thinking “You can only own so many sweaters!”, and if you are, we simply disagree with you. Sweaters can be worn in formal situations or casual situations. Sweaters can be worn when you are hanging out with family or when you are on a date. There is simply no situation that you could not get away with wearing a sweater.

In today’s blog post your provider of women’s fashion online, Cloz to Home, will be discussing some of the different types of sweaters, and when they are worn best!

The Baggy/Long Sweater

The first type if sweater that we feel compelled to discuss is the extra large, extra comfy, baggy sweater. For some reason, there used to be a stigma that only people that were not well-kept wore baggy sweaters, but luckily fashion caught up with itself and now they are back in style. In addition to baggy sweaters, long sweaters and cardigans are back in style, as they can tie an outfit together all while providing unmatched comfort.

When are they worn best?

What is the best part about a baggy sweater or a long cardigan? You might think that it is the comfort of an oversized sweater that is responsible for most of the allure when in reality it is their versatility. Oversized sweaters are perfect for any situation (being that it was designed that way and it isn’t your grandpa's old sweater). Whether you are relaxing at home by yourself, or out shopping with your friends, you can rest easy knowing that your comfort knows no bounds!

Are you interested in the comfort and style of an oversized sweater? If so, be sure to visit our boutique-style sweater store online today.

The Minimalist Sweater

While some sweaters are rather large and long, others are small and form-fitting. It is a common misconception that in order for a sweater to be comfortable that it has to be large and soft, when in reality, minimalist sweaters can be just as comfortable. Take for instance one of the smaller, minimalist, sweaters that we sell in our boutique clothing stores. While they might be smaller, they are just as warm and just as stylish as larger sweaters.

When are they worn best?

The better question is when aren't they? Minimalist sweaters are the perfect addition to any closet because, like baggy sweaters, they are extremely versatile. If you are home for the evening and relaxing by the fire — put on a minimalist sweater! If you are going out during the winter and need a base layer to go under your stylish coat — throw on a minimalist sweater!

The Novelty Sweater

While we consider ourselves to be a stylish women’s clothes shop, we do have a soft spot for novelty sweaters. Not novelty sweaters in the sense that they have a funny joke on them, or that they have some strange feature worthy of making people laugh — instead, we are talking about those sweaters that are so classic that they are borderline cringe-worthy.

If anyone has ever told you that you can’t put together a stellar seasonal outfit with a novelty sweater, they are wrong — and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

When are they worn best?

Unlike the other sweaters that we have discussed in today’s blog, novelty sweaters are not utilitarian — meaning there are some places that they should not be worn. Some of the more acceptable places for novelty sweaters to be worn include family gatherings, on holidays, and even to work (if your coworkers are cool enough).

The Retro Sweater

Styles change, that is just the simple fact of the matter. However, some styles find their way back to popularity decades after they lost their shine. Arguably one of the most common styles that have found their way back to the fashion world is the retro sweater. Luckily, retro doesn't mean that it is old, it just means that it was manufactured to embody some of the styles that our parents once thought was cool.

Some of the common trends that are coming back with the retro sweater scene are blocky stripes, big buttons, big pockets, and older patterns that have taken their leave from the fashion world for some time.  

When are they worn best?

Retro sweaters can be worn at any time, with almost any outfit. The only thing that should be considered in regard to when you wear a retro sweater is the outfit that you have chosen to accompany it because once you put on the sweater you are committed to the retro look and should plan the rest of your outfit accordingly.

Where Can You Shop For Trendy Women’s Sweaters Of All Kinds?

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