Fall Home Decor Ideas From Your Online Home Decor Store

October 15, 2018

In our last blog, we discussed some of our favorite fall fashion tips here at Cloz to Home. We also drew on some comparisons between fashion and home decor, stating that fashion accessories and home decor accessories are one in the same — the finishing touches of your home or outfit.

A home is a house, but a house is not a home — unless you decorate, that is. Your home is not only meant to be a place where you seek shelter from the elements, and it shouldn’t only be warm in the sense of the air temperature, it should also be warm in the sense of design. When you gather your family and friends for an evening, or even if you are simply spending the evening alone as a homebody, it is important that your home feels warm and inviting. At Cloz to Home, our online home decor store is chock full of items that can help you decorate your home in a more inviting and relaxing way this fall season.

Continue reading to learn more about some of our favorite fall home decor ideas.

Go Overboard With Gourds

You might be thinking “Don’t you mean pumpkins?”, and while pumpkins are a staple of fall culture, we don't want to limit our fall decorations to just orange. Gourds (including pumpkins) come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, providing you with the perfect opportunity to make a front porch “bouquet” of sorts.

Additionally, don’t limit your gourd decorations to the exterior of your home. Also, consider accenting the interior of your home with their infectious palette.

Functionally Accent The Room With Throw Blankets

When most people begin to think of decorating for the fall, they think of cheezy decorations from arts and crafts stores that will just end up getting stored in a box in the basement for 10 months out of the year. Rather than supplementing your home design and decor with items that you will seldom remove from storage, we urge you to consider a more functional accent like a throw blanket.

Throw blankets can add warmth to a room in more ways than one. While yes, blankets are known for being articles used for preserving one’s body warmth, they can also be used to increase the general warmth in a room’s aesthetic. Shop our online boutique home decor store today to view a variety of accenting throw blankets.

Utilize Wooden Wreaths

When people think of home decor, they don’t typically think about the seasonal versatility of a wooden wreath. By hanging a wooden wreath, accented with hints of orange and red on either your window or doorways, you will be able to create a cozy, and authentic, feel for your home.

In addition to utilizing wooden wreaths, the addition of other wooden products like wooden candle holders or art, you can better foster the feeling of warmth within your home.

Incorporate Elegance

The word “elegance” might seem broad when speaking in terms of home interior products, so let us explain. Essentially, when we say elegant in terms of home and decor items, we mean something that has a classic feel. Something like a cast iron looking bookends, or a tin embossed mailbox to hold your keys in. Essentially, an elegant home furnishing item is something that gives off an elegance in its aesthetic, contributing to the overall feel of the room.

At our Cloz to Home online decor store, we offer a number of elegant accent pieces that would prove to be beneficial additions to any home. Shop our online store today!

Shop Our Online Boutique Home Decor Store For Fall Decoration Inspiration

When the seasons change from summer to fall, homeowners everywhere become inspired to decorate their homes. Luckily, when it comes to fall home furnishing ideas, Cloz to Home has you covered. Our online store is full of home design and decor items that are sure to spruce up any room, matching its aesthetic with the falling leaves and crisp air outside.

We hope that today’s blog post has inspired you to add a touch of fall decor to your home! If you have any questions about our home decor online, or any of our other boutique products, we urge you to contact us today.

We look forward to hearing from you!