Getting Geared Up For Gift Giving Season

November 05, 2018

Winter is quickly approaching, meaning Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are all near. What is something that these three holidays have in common? They all involve some sort of gift exchange. If you are looking to impress the recipient of your gifts this winter, it is wise to start planning now.

In today’s blog post, your trendy boutique clothing store, Cloz to Home, will be discussing a few gift ideas that are sure to please!


While you might be thinking “Pajamas are for children!”, we are here to remind you that no such thing is true. Here at Cloz to Home, we sell women’s pajamas because we understand the feeling of luxury that they cultivate. No, we aren't talking about the fuzzy pants that you can purchase at your local Walmart. The pajamas that we carry are 100-percent cotton and 100-percent comfortable.

If you are looking for a home-run gift for someone this winter, consider getting someone a pair of pajamas from our trendy boutique clothing store — the gift that they never knew they needed.

Fuzzy Socks

During winter, your home can become rather cold, meaning you are likely always wearing a pair of slippers. While slippers are comfortable, it just doesn't feel quite natural to wear them all the time in your home. If only there was a solution!

Gift your friends or family member with a pair of fuzzy socks from our boutique-style clothing store. Not only are fuzzy socks a functional tool to combat winter chills, but they are also extremely comfortable. Additionally, at Cloz to Home, we carry a number of different designs of fuzzy socks so that you can pick a style that is fitting to the personality of the person that you are gifting them to. While you are shopping in our online women's clothing store, you might as well pick up a pair for yourself.

Bath Bombs

If you are looking to give a friend or family member the gift of relaxation, consider gifting them a bath bomb. Bath bombs are an excellent way to make an already relaxing thing (like a warm bath) even more relaxing. At Cloz to Home we offer a variety of bath bombs from Barr Co., allowing you to pick one, two, or maybe even three scents for your friend or family member to enjoy.

It is amazing what a little bit of Epsom salt and fragrance can do to make a warm bath more enjoyable. Gift your friend or family member with the gift of relaxation (and smooth skin) this winter with a bath bomb from our online store.

Candles & Room Spray

If there is one thing that everyone loves, it is having a clean and good-smelling house. While it is not up to you to help your friend or family member with the cleaning part, you can give them the gift of having an aromatically pleasing home.

Candles are an excellent gift because they can create a calming mood with the flicker of their flame while also producing delightful aromas. Candles can be used during dinnertime when the company is over, or even when you are alone — making them a great gift for anyone!

While candles are a great gift for some people, we all have that friend or family member that shouldn't be responsible for an open flame in their home. Luckily, you can still give them the gift of a good-smelling home. At Cloz to Home, we sell a variety of Greenleaf room sprays, allowing for your friend or family member to make their home smell good without lighting, and forgetting about, a candle.

Plush Animal Toys

Another product that we are happy to sell here at Cloz to Home is Jellycat plush stuffed animals. Perfect for friends and family members young or old, these cute little woodland creatures are soft, cuddly, and built to last.

With plush animals ranging from lions and bunnies to sloths and flamingos, there is a Jellycat that is perfect for everyone. Visit our online boutique-style store today to view the wide variety of Jellycat plush animals that we have in stock.


You were probably waiting for us to bring up clothes, after all, we are an online women’s clothing store. At Cloz to Home, we carry a wide variety of trendy boutique clothing ranging from sweaters to jeans to dresses and everything in between.

Why is clothing one of the best gifts that you can give to someone? Everyone needs it! And you can never have enough of it! So what are you waiting for? Browse our extensive inventory of our trendy boutique clothing.

For Gifting Season Shop At Cloz to Home

Winter is approaching, and that means you need to start getting the gifts that your friends and family members are expecting! At Cloz to Home, we specialize in providing our customers with the most up-to-date trendy women's clothing, but we also sell a variety of other goods ranging from home decor items to assorted gifts.

Rather than looking through thousands of online shopping sites for women, come straight to Cloz to Home. You won’t be disappointed.