Wood/Silicone Pacy Clips

Add a little style to their pacy with our  pacy clip. The wood pacy clip features a silicone bauble strap with fun colors. The end of the strap features a nylon loop cord. The top of the clip features a fun detail.

To use the pacifier clip use the following steps: Step 1: Pull the loop at the bottom of the pacifier clip through the handle of the pacifier. Step 2: Pull the pacifier clip at the opposite end through the loop. Step 3: Work the clip and beaded part of the item through the loop. Step 4: Pull the loop area tight once all the beads/clip have been worked through to create a knot fastening the item to the pacifier.

Elephant, Lion, Moon, White with Star, Blue with Star, Bird, Flower, and Grey Moon


Dimensions: 8 3/4"
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