Wool Fringed Kilim Pillow

Accent Your Home With This Tasteful Throw Pillow

Decorative pillows are the finishing touches to any home interior design. They add color in colorless places, light to dark places, and comfort to uncomfortable places. Add the finishing touches to your home with the Wool Fringed Kilim Pillow from our home decor store.

  • Accents beds, chairs, and couches
  • Features crosshatched wool frills
  • Provides gentle back support
  • Adds texture to any room

If you are on the last leg of your home decor journey, consider utilizing strategically well-placed throw pillows like the Wool Fringed Kilim Pillow to accent your home. Whether you are looking to add texture, color, or comfort to your home, there is no better place to shop for home decoration items like the Wool Fringed Kilim Pillow than our home decor store!

  • 24"L x 14" H
  • Wool
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