Dining Room Decor — 4 Ways To Decorate Your Meal Space

November 10, 2018

Dining rooms are getting phased out in modern American society. Families who once sat around a table to have a wholesome meal together now find themselves sitting around the television, staring, not speaking to one another. At Cloz to Home, it pains us to see this trend, but it is happening because living rooms have simply become more functional, allowing for people to make the easy switch to the new, less social, “norm.” As an online boutique home decor store, we believe that we have a solution — redecorate your dining room and make it more functional exciting than ever!

In today’s blog post your source for home decor online, Cloz to Home, will be discussing a few of our favorite tips and tricks for decorating meal spaces like dining rooms! Continue reading to learn more.

Brighten The Room: Lighting

If we were to take a look inside the homes of 100,000 Americans, there is one fixture that we can almost guarantee would need updating — and that fixture is lighting. In most dining rooms there is one central source of lighting that is located above the table, and in most cases, that fixture now appears to be tacky and outdated.

Now, when we say “outdated” we aren’t trying to say that it looks like it is 20 years old, we are talking about those old Georgian-style cast-iron chandeliers that would look more fitting to a castle than your dining room. Alternatively, we also know that some of the funky large-bulb lightings from the 70s and 80s are still around, another fixture that should be replaced immediately.

Alright, so now that we have identified the problem-lighting, what is the most ideal lighting to replace it with? In the past, fixtures have been known to be large, dense, fixtures that emit a dim orangish light. It was thought when these fixtures were installed that they could cultivate a relaxing mood when in reality it just puts people into a post-meal coma. Now, the style has shifted to be quite the opposite, as people seek lighting fixtures that are more open in the nature of their construction and that give off ample amounts of lighting.

Whether you are more of a lighting minimalist or a fan of chandeliers, there is a perfect fixture out there for you! Just get creative, look at ideas, and don’t rush to choose a new fixture. In fact, check out a couple of fixture ideas from HGTV, you might find something that you like.

Set The Stage: The Table

If there is one thing that every dining room needs to tie the entire decoration together it is the dining room table. But every room is a different shape, different size, and has a different style to match. So what should you do to find the perfect table? Well… research.

Tables come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t feel like your only decor choice is to purchase a 12-foot, 500-pound table that has been constructed using a rich mahogany. Instead, take the time to find a table that fits with the design that you want rather than finding a table to match your design to.

Do you want a small table or a large table? Consider the number of people that you will be spending mealtimes with. Do you like to host gatherings? Consider a table that has a leaf or two in it so that it can expand. Do you want the table to be a rectangle, square,  circle, or oval? Consider the shape of the room and how each type of table would fit in the space. What type of material would you like it to be made of? Are you more of a traditional wood-top finish kind of person? Or would you like to try out a new chic all-white laminate table top? Once you have answered the above questions you can begin to shop!

For more ideas on table design, shape, and build, browse the Home Stratosphere website for ideas!

Add A Splash Of Color: Paint

What is a dining room redesign without a new coat of paint? Let us be the first to tell you that you will feel absolutely no regret when you rid your home of that cliche eggshell white wall that has been painted the same color since the construction of your home. Rather than thinking about what your favorite color is, and how you can forcibly integrate it into the interior design of your home, consider thinking about choosing a color based off of the mood that it cultivates. As a home design and decor store, we love home furnishing ideas. That being said, we have compiled a short list of colors, as well as the moods that they facilitate, in an effort to help you jumpstart your research.

According to Country Living, the following interior colors can affect our moods.

Blue - Blue is a calming color that boasts an incredibly diverse amount of hues, making it an extremely versatile interior color. It is thought that the color blue can help lower blood pressure, steady breathing, and promote relaxation.

Yellow - Yellow is an incredibly beneficial color for those that wish to increase the energy of a room. If dinner-parties are your thing, yellow might be the color for you.

Green - Green has similar effects to the color blue, as it has a seemingly relaxing effect on people. What differentiates the two colors is that greens can typically help with anxiety.

Purple - Purple, “the royal color,” finds itself on a spectrum, with lighter shades being calming and darker shades promoting creativity and romance.

Red - Red is an excellent color for a social room like a dining room as it promotes various feelings ranging from emotion to romance to social interaction.

Now, we could talk all day about colors, and how they affect mood, but there are simply too many colors to justify putting in this post. Instead, we suggest you check out the remainder of the list from Country Living.

Our Favorite: Accessorize

Once you have figured out what you are doing with the lighting, table, and walls, it's time to put the finishing touches on your newly designed dining space. Consider accenting your home with home decor products like centerpieces, prints, candles on candle holders, stylish ceramics and more. But what does our online home decor store think are the most important accessories?

Center Piece

One of the most important home design and decor considerations that should be considered is the centerpiece of the table. When you are choosing a centerpiece it is important to make a couple of considerations. How many people will be regularly eating at the table? How large is the centerpiece? Will it be easy to temporarily move it affects your ability to see others at the table? If you plan on leaving it there at all times, consider a simple design like a candle holder set. If you plan on moving it, consider a large, bouquet-style centerpiece.

Wall Space

While it might seem silly to cover up parts of your newly-painted dining room wall, it is important to add personal touches to the wall space to make it feel homier. Now, when it comes to wall space, you do not have to go overboard with decorations, but it can be nice to hang items like prints and paintings or mirrors to open up the room. Browse our home accessories online today for more ideas and inspiration on decorating your wall space.

If You Are Thinking Anything Home Decor, Visit Us At Cloz to Home

Here at Cloz to Home, we provide various interior design and decoration products that can help you decorate your new dining room — or any room in your home, for that matter. If you are interested in finding home accessories online at an affordable price, we urge you to visit our online home decor store. Happy decorating!